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Wireless Alarms
Wireless Alarms, (sometimes known as wire free or cordless alarm) are often now fitted in place of a wired alarm. With home security being ever more a necessity in the fight against crime and the local burglar, there has never been a more convenient way of protecting your property from intrusion and the subsequent distress caused by a burglary.

The advantages of modern Wireless Systems are that, Wires do not have to be run all through the building to link the sensors to the Control Panel, and being wireless this avoids drilling, lifting carpets, floorboards etc, and the disturbance to the structure that could result from wiring.


With a wireless system you can enjoy peace of mind of a reliable and secure alarm system that will not only protect your premises, it can also be used a panic alarm or even a medical alarm. With regular service and maintenance your wireless alarm system will provide many valuable years of protection and piece of mind to your family.

On some wireless alarms the control devices e.g., Panel, keypads, and external sirens are still all hard wired.

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As with all equipment it is imperative that it is maintained to ensure it operates at an optimum level and in the event that the system does have a fault this can be rectified at the earliest opportunity. As wireless systems rely heavily on battery technology to keep them running, it is important that all wire free alarm systems are maintained regularly. Remember: Remove the Opportunity - Prevent the Burglary

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