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Intruder Alarms
Every home and business is different and every person has different ideas on how to secure their home and business. With your suggestions and Alarm Guard’s experience in the security industry, we will come up with the most effective system for your premises. The following is a brief explanation of some of the main components available to you to aid in securing your home and business.

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Hardwire Systems
As the name suggests, this type of security system requires cable to be ran to each component of the alarm system. It is not always feasible to run cables in a building that has been completed, but a site survey would quickly determine if it is possible or not. The components of a hardwire system are basically the same as a wire-free system. The major difference, bar the absence of cables, is that the hardwire components are mains operated and have a standby battery backup in case of power failure. Alarm Guard guarantee the highest quality of neatness with every installation.

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Monitoring Service
Bells and sirens alone can no longer guarantee a response to your Alarm System. Monitoring directly links your security system to a control system, with controllers on standby, ready to respond to the signaled emergency. Also GSM and SMS text message digital communicators.

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How it works:
An alarm system activates and a signal is sent to the Central Monitoring Station via a digital communicator.

Step 2: The Central Monitoring station receives a signal and the customer’s details automatically flash on the screen within seconds.

Step 3: a controller immediately acts on your behalf notify the keyholders, Gardai and other relevant emergency services.

Fact: in excess of 70% of premises that are broken into do not have any form of monitoring service.

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Maintenance Service
The more a system is maintained and looked after, the less likely it is to give false alarms. Of course we cannot guarantee complete false-alarm free systems, but we can advise to our customers to take out a maintenance contract with us after twelve months. The first twelve months of service is free of charge under the terms of our maintenance contract. After this initial period, there is an annual cost, which we will advise of you in writing. 

Alarm Guard complies with Irish Standard IS:EN 50131-1:199 and an NSAI certificate will be issued to confirm this. Alarm Guard is a registered installer with NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland) & PSA (Private Security Authority).


Control Panel:
This is the brain of the system. It detects the signals from the peripheral devices and translates these signals into meaningful responses i.e. alarm mode, tamper mode etc.
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The keypad is usually placed by the exit door. When activating or deactivating the alarm, you enter your code on this device.
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Internal Siren:
An internal siren is placed in a Common area within the premises. It emits a high frequency noise when activated.
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These Passive Infrared Detectors (PIR's) work by constantly monitoring the Infrared levels around a room and recognising a change caused by the entry of an intruder. The detector will then inform the control panel which will initiate the alarm condition.
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External Siren:
The external siren is situated on the outside of the house. It is a white polycarbonate box with the Alarm Guard logo printed on it. As well as being a deterrent in itself, the external siren emits a very loud noise and the built-in strobe flashes continuously. It contains a 12volt nicad backup battery in the event of the cabling of the system being tampered with. 24 hour Anti tamper protection.
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Shock Sensors:
Small devices which are mounted on a door or window frame. A break-in is detected as soon as the intruder attempts to force, smash, drill, or even saw the protected window, frame or door, which means the alarm, is activated whilst the intruder is still outside.
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Panic Buttons:
providing 24 hour personal attack protection.

These are popular devices which bring many of our customers extra comfort when they are alone on their premises. By pushing the panic button, the alarm can be programmed to sound, and the gardai and keyholders can be alerted. Panic buttons are available hardwired i.e fixed locations or wireless i.e. can be carried on or around the premises and still operate the alarm in the event of an emergency/ attack.
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